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Function to compare 2 string values

This function will compare 2 values,
make sure they are strings,
and make sure they are not empty

here is the code.

function str_compare($str1 , $str2)
	// we are converting the values to strings...
	// comment out the following 2 lines 
	// if you wish to check other value types.
	$str1 = (string)$str1;
	$str2 = (string)$str2;
	/// we are checking to see that both values are not empty.
	/// if one of the strings is empty, we return false.
	if (empty($str1) || empty($str2))
		return false;
	// the following line is the same like doing
	if($str1 === $str2)
		$same = true;
		$same = false;
	$same = (($str1 === $str2)? true : false);
	return $same;

enjoy learning, and please,
feel free to comment, or ask anything you want to know

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